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Our story is one of a simple artist struggling to afford his passion in a world where art is underappreciated in society. One day I got the attention of a few artists who wanted to collaborate under the same banner. We figured in a team we can accomplish more than separate. But the opposite actually happened the personalities didn’t match for us to be successful. So an idea of yours truly came to the surface “How about we vote for a leader to guide us?” And with agreeable terms, the deal was struck. Amos Hobson was voted to be the CEO of this company. With no business knowledge, I’ve decided to take a year off to study to increase our chance to be successful. 

I thought about what do I want this company to be focused on and with many nights of thinking it came to me. Positive content for the masses and not what your thinking kid-friendly sure but stuff for teens and adults could enjoy equally. So I focused on what I wanted as a child growing into adulthood when I was a kid art classes were cool. I could learn new skillsets from painting to clay work it was the best. Then as I got older into my teens I started reading collecting comic books. From Marvel and DC to even indie publishers. Finally going to comic cons or art festivals to buy from favorite artists and supporting people always was a great time. From SXSW and ACL with many others was events I looked forward to going to as an adult to take a break from the rut from work.

The goal was to bring all these aspects together to create an entity that tackles each one directly for everyone globally. I believe one day we will with the support of our fans and business partners through the years.

We are an organization that serves the communities we operate in with art services with the goal to be global. We offer art events like comic cons, artisan markets and support local events. Also comic books creation and publishing original stories created by our minority staff. Finally personal and commercial commissions like murals, web design, interior design and etc.

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